Bowerman workday scheduled for September 6, 2014

Please join us on Saturday, September 6th for the next Bowerman Barn workday. At 8:30 am, coffee and pastries will be served. This is a good time to catch up with neighbors. At 8:50 am, the safety briefing will start, and at 9:00 am we will break into work groups.

Based on meetings with Peter Schmidt and Penny Del Bene from the USFS cultural resource office, the group has permission to start replacing the split rail fence at the cemetery with a more historically-appropriate picket fence. The group will start disassembling the old fence, replacing posts, and installing stringers for the future pickets.

Another group will work on lopping some of the blackberries on the old homestead site. This will enable metal detecting to help identify the location of the original house foundation. Bring long-handled loppers if you have some. There is a lopper left from last workday, if you can’t find yours.

The work groups will break at 11:30 and receive an update on recent developments related to the Barn and ranch. Bring a lunch if you wish.

Meeting at Barn with USFS Cultural Resource Staff

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Peter Schmidt and Penny Del Bene from the USFS National Recreation Area office meet with local Bowerman Barn organization members on August 6th. They were able to view the area and get a “lay of the land” to see where the historic wagon road and Bowerman house might have been. A future project using sensitive metal detectors to locate buried nails should be able to answer the question of where the house was located. Discussion of appropriate fencing around the cemetery, based on photos and other considerations of the era, led to an agreement that a picket fence rather than a split rail fence is more likely what was used. Everyone left feeling a general excitement about the historic aspects of the project and future activities. The Bowerman Barn organization thanks Peter and Penny for their time and effort on this project!

Young Family Ranch Summer campers visit on July 30

Young Family Ranch Campers at the Bowerman barn
Young Family Ranch Campers at the Bowerman barn

Twenty two campers from the Young Family Ranch Summer Day Camp visited the Bowerman Barn on Jul 30th.  They learned about the Bowerman family and homestead, toured the cemetery and native American artifacts. The USFS mules and horses were in the pasture and the campers fed the pack team treats. The campers also helped out with a  service project by cutting yellow star thistle.